2015 January Kickoff

January 16th & 17th

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2014 SoCal STS Schedule:

Orange County:

UPDATE- ORANGE COUNTY Will be combined with Long Beach for the rest of 2014 STS's

Los Angeles:

Long Beach Convention Center


Nov 15th

Dec 13th

San Diego:

Hilton Mission Valley


Nov 15th

Dec 8th


Holiday Inn Express


Nov 15th

Dec 13th

Upcoming Socal STS Events

October Leadership Development Weekend

October 24th-26th

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Guest Speakers:

Orange County STS

Orange County will be combining with Long Beach for the remainder of the 2014 STS's

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Long Beach STS November 15th

20k Executive President's Team Member: Suzanne Morrow

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San Diego STS November 15th

Guest Speaker 

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Hilton Mission Valey

Fresno STS: November 15th

Guest Speaker 

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*New Distributors and guests (within 60 days of Application Date) joining us for their first STS are free!! (one event free)

Bring a copy of your Distributor application or copy of your profile to the event and if it is within 60 days, they are FREE.


To get a copy of your application date for the STS here are the steps:

1. Log onto the Myherbalife.com

2. From the home page click on “Account Maintenance” (center of the screen)

3. Click on “My Profile” and Print

*Guests & New Distributor Special: (MUST REGISTER AT THE DOOR)

New Distributors on the day of their first STS can purchase tickets for the next 2 consecutive STSs for only $25.00 (that's $12.50 for each event!) Let your New Distributors know so that they come prepared!! These tickets are available onsite and are cash only.

*Pre-sale ticket special:

Presale tickets for the next STS are available at the previous event for $25.00 CASH ONLY SAVE $10 Dollars

*STS Tickets are $35 At The Door CASH ONLY

Remember, children are not allowed in the training. Please let your distributors know so that they are not surprised at the door.

*Offer not available for Corporate Events.

Events Info

No Video or Audio Recording

No Children

Business Casual Attire CLICK HERE to get an example of proper dress

Socal STS