October Leadership Development Weekend

October 24-26th

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2014 SoCal STS Schedule:

Orange County:

UPDATE- ORANGE COUNTY Will be combined with Long Beach for the rest of 2014 STS's

Los Angeles:

Long Beach Convention Center

Sept 20th


Nov 15th

Dec 13th

San Diego:

Hilton Mission Valley

Sept 20th


Nov 15th

Dec 8th


Holiday Inn Express

Sept 20th


Nov 15th

Dec 13th

Upcoming Socal STS Events

Orange County STS

Orange County will be combining with Long Beach for the remainder of the 2014 STS's

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Long Beach STS November 15th

20k Executive President's Team Member: Suzanne Morrow

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San Diego STS September 20th

Guest Speaker President's Team Member Jonathan Webber

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Hilton Mission Valey

Fresno STS: September 20th

Guest Speaker 

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*New Distributors and guests (within 60 days of Application Date) joining us for their first STS are free!! (one event free)

Bring a copy of your Distributor application or copy of your profile to the event and if it is within 60 days, they are FREE.


To get a copy of your application date for the STS here are the steps:

1. Log onto the Myherbalife.com

2. From the home page click on “Account Maintenance” (center of the screen)

3. Click on “My Profile” and Print

*Guests & New Distributor Special: (MUST REGISTER AT THE DOOR)

New Distributors on the day of their first STS can purchase tickets for the next 2 consecutive STSs for only $25.00 (that's $12.50 for each event!) Let your New Distributors know so that they come prepared!! These tickets are available onsite and are cash only.

*Pre-sale ticket special:

Presale tickets for the next STS are available at the previous event for $25.00 CASH ONLY SAVE $10 Dollars

*STS Tickets are $35 At The Door CASH ONLY

Remember, children are not allowed in the training. Please let your distributors know so that they are not surprised at the door.

*Offer not available for Corporate Events.

Events Info

No Video or Audio Recording

No Children

Business Casual Attire CLICK HERE to get an example of proper dress

Socal STS